I gazed at her and watched in amazement as her body coiled and uncoiled around the pole. It didn’t matter how many times I watched her dance, it felt like a new experience each time.

This time she was wearing a silver mask and a tiny bra top barely covering anything except her nipples.

Occasionally she teased the audience by making as if to remove the bra top and stopping just before we could see her nipples. Men beside me groaned in frustration, I knew how they felt. She threw brief smiles at me at intervals and I felt my heart swell.

The dance was over and the man beside me said

“The bitch, kept teasing without showing her nipples”. I got pissed and I knocked over his drink.

“Call her a bitch one more time and I’ll slit your throat.”

“And who are you?” He said.

I stared down at him, daring him to act up. His eyes took me in and he thought twice about fighting a muscular looking woman with multiple tattoos and piercings.

“Weirdo.” He said under his breath.

I walked to the club manager, he recognized me immediately.

“Sorry but she isn’t dancing with anyone today.” He said.

“I’ll triple the price, just tell her a certain woman from last time is here” I replied.

He was reluctant to go but the money was a motivation for him.

“I’ll be back in a sec.” He said and left.

After what seemed about hours, he came back with a note.

“I’ll be out in five, wait for me behind the alley.”

“Thank you.” I said to the club manager and handed him his money, he was beaming so hard I could see all his teeth.

I made my way to the alley, lit a cigarette and waited. Few minutes later she walked up to me. And I did a double take.

Without her heels, she was about 5’8. She had brown chocolate skin, her hair was high up on her head, I wanted to run my fingers through them. She always wore a wig on stage so I’d never seen her real hair.

Her face, her face…

Pretty black eyes, small nose and full lips.

“You’re staring, it’s rude.” She said playfully.

I took a few seconds to compose myself.

“Fuck you’re beautiful.” I said.

“Thank you.”

“Want to get something to eat?”

“No, I just want to go home and lay on my bed.”

“Oh” I replied. I wondered why she asked me to wait for her then. Was hoping we could sit, eat and talk.

“Want to see where I stay?” She asked.

I lit up, she wasn’t ditching me after all.

“Yes please.”

We got to her apartment, it was surprisingly small but neat except for a few books scattered on her table.

“Nursing student?” I asked, picking up a book.


“Can I get you something to drink?” She asked.

“Coffee if you don’t mind.”

She made me a cup of coffee

“How do you like it?”

“Black and sweet, like you.”

Jeez Sash that was corny

Thankfully she chuckled. She handed me a cup and I sipped. She led me to her bedroom and I stood uneasily as I watched her undress. She felt my discomfort

“You’ve seen me naked a couple of times, so why are you so uncomfortable?” she asked teasingly.

I didn’t know, probably because the sexual tension in the air was so thick. I knew she felt it too.

She stripped off her last item of clothing and walked towards me. She took my cup and placed it on the bedside table. I reached out and touched the small base beneath her left ear, stroking softly. She gasped softly and closed the small gap between us.

I placed my palms beneath her buttocks and lifted her, thankfully she was light-weight. I pinned her to the wall, kissing her neck down to her collarbone and cleavage. She wrapped her legs around my thighs, moaning softly and grinding on me.

My hands slid from her waist to her ass, then her inner thighs. I gripped her there and lifted her higher into the wall. My hands then trailed to her breasts which were pressed into mine. I placed my lips on hers, sucking and biting softly at her lower lip as I squeezed her breasts softly and worked my hands towards her already hard nipples.

I moved to her bed and plopped her on it. Without hesitation, I brought my mouth to her nipples, teasing, licking and sucking. She gripped my head, moaning loudly. I trailed wet kisses from her breast to her belly, sinking lower and lower towards her center.

I licked her inner thighs and I felt her shudder. My fingers wandered towards the opening of her vagina. It wasn’t long before she was covering her mouth in hopes of stifling her moans, and when I stuck two fingers into her, her knees buckled and she couldn’t hold back her moans. Without removing my fingers, I brought my tongue to her clit, circling slowly. She crumbled.

“I’m going to cum.” She said between moans.

I quickened my pace, fingering her faster and simultaneously licking her clitoris. Soon enough she was writhing and moaning as she came hard. Her juice on my fingers.

She breathed hard and let out a shaky laughter.

I lay beside her, fishing out a cigarette and a lighter.

“Do you mind?” I asked. She shook her head in response.

“How come you’re not naked?” She asked.

I chuckled. I lit my cigarette and blew out smoke.

“How do you manage classes and work?” I asked, changing the topic.

I wasn’t ready to tell her that I hated getting naked during sex.

She smiled knowingly and wrapped her arms around me.

I knew it was a beginning of something but I wasn’t sure what it was.