The club was filled, men panting and drooling like dogs while throwing money at dancing strippers. Cigarettes, coke, weed, and every type of drugs were on each table. I sipped my drink and anticipated her arrival.

Coming to this particular strip club had become a regular thing for me; I went from going once a week to thrice a week because I needed to see her. She had become an addiction that I couldn’t quit.

The club suddenly went silent as she walked to the stage, I couldn’t see her face. I never did. She always wore a mask over her eyes. Today she was wearing a red mask; she had on a red g-string and absolutely nothing around her upper body. I could see her small perky tits and brown nipples.

I was excited and jealous. Excited because looking at them made my clitoris tingle so much and I was jealous because everyone else could see them. I wanted to be the only one looking at them.

The way she gripped the pole was beautiful, her legs dangling in the air and her body wrapping around the pole and moving to the sound of the music. I looked around and everyone else was as mesmerised as I was. Without thinking, I threw a fat wad of cash on the stage and others followed suit, for a brief moment she smiled at me. It made my heart falter.

Her performance came to an end and I was sad to see her go. I got off my seat and walked up to the club manager.

“I want a dance from her.” I said. He looked at me like I was crazy.

“Other men have lined up and paid for a dance with her.” He replied, laying emphasis on ‘men’. I am a woman so I got that.

“How much and I’ll double it.”

He called the price and I gave him the cash.

He led me to a VIP room, I sat and my heart hammered. She walked in and smiled in amusement.

“A woman.” She said.

“You don’t do women?”

“Not that, I wasn’t expecting one. If you notice the club is crawling with thirsty men.” She said.

With that she slowly approached me and straddled my thighs, grinding on them softly. It took everything in me not to moan. It’s just a dance, get a grip Sash

Her boobs to my face, she wriggled and grinded to the music playing and I wanted to touch her so badly.

“You can touch me.” she said, as if reading my mind.

I hesitated.

“Come on, go ahead.”

I tentatively touched her boobs, they were soft and warm to the touch. I wanted them in my mouth. I moved my hands to her butt and grabbed them softly.

“Your hands are soft and gentle, compared to theirs.” She said, smiling. She still had her mask on and I really wanted to see her face.

“Can I see your face?” I asked.

She smiled and got off my laps.

“Your five minutes are up, maybe next time.” She gave me a kiss on the cheek and walked out.

* * *

How I got home was a mystery, I was so light-headed. I lay on my bed naked, thinking about her. Her soft, warm breasts, her skin, her lips. I touched myself between my legs and I was soaked. I imagined her head between my legs, licking me. I imagined my mouth on her breasts, sucking and tugging at her nipples. I imagined my hands between her legs, touching her core and making her moan. With this I circled my fingers on my clitoris.

Thoughts of things I could do to her made me shake and shiver. I moaned hard as I fingered myself, imagining she was there instead. I arched my hips and couldn’t stop my orgasm from almost ripping me to pieces.

I lay on the bed, panting and sweating. The image of her body still in my mind.