That was how the ilicit affair started between my neighbour and I. That weekend, we rutted like pigs, fucking everywhere and in all positions from his flat to mine. It was as if we were both sex starved, like teenagers just introduced to the forbidden fruit.
Both flats reeked of sex. But what do you expect, since we tore at each other at every opportunity we had. His breakfast was left half eaten and I didn’t eat anything except cock until past one when we woke up on the floor of my flat from a sex induced slumber. We had been at it for close to four hours and slept off afterwards.
‘hmmmmmmm’ I mummured as I stretched like a lazy kitten that just got the milk. But what do you expect? I had just gotten several quarts of ‘milk’ deposited inside me. My body was sleek with sweat and my thighs almost gluing together with cum extras (his and mine).
‘You are one hell of a fuck you know’ he said, raising to lean on one elbow as his eyes trailed my full bruised lips to my still erect nipples down to my moist and glistening thighs with lust.
‘And you are one hell of a stud’ I replied looking at his now flaccid cock. I had milked it in so many ways that I know it would take real effort and some hours of rest to make it function again.
‘I’m kinda hungry. Can we go out to eat? He asked languidly, drifting back to sleep.
‘Yes, okay’ I replied in a similar state. I was bone tired
I woke up to his lips sucking on my turgid nipples and his fingers playing symphony with my clit. I instantly became aroused and held his already hard dick.
‘This guy is a machine’ a still lucid part of my mind thought. I didn’t expect him to be hard again until nightfall and from the look of the sunlight streaming through my curtains, it was still afternoon. Well, I wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth as I was all game.
I leaned down and held his fat cock in my left hand, squeezing and rubbing it with slight pressure. His muffled moans told me he loved the attention so I intensified it, using all my will power not to focus on my own pleasure coursing through me from his hands on my clit.
I twisted and squeezed in a way so as not to dislodge his fingers from my pussy but to enable my lips access to his man meat. He understood what I wanted and helped me achieve it. Soon I had the whole of his cock to play with and I did with relish.
‘Please suck me on your knees’ I heard him plead
‘Sure’ I quickly replied. I know I won’t have his fingers in me while at it but sucking cock is pleasure on its own and I love being on my knees before a cock.
I went on my knees and Looking him straight in the eyes held his hard cock with both hands. He moaned softly. But I was only just beginning. I bent forward and took the head of his cock in my mouth. He threw his head back on the couch and gave a louder moan. With my lips wrapped around him, i used my tongue to swirl against the tip of his throbbing erection.

Our eyes were still locked together. That was when I lowered my head and took most of his hard fat cock in my mouth, eliciting a yelp from deep within his throat. My head bobbed in a calculated motion with my hands in sync with its stroking. I sucked him like his cock was the best popsicle in the world (which it was). I flicked my tongue on his cum passage and it was as if he was electrocuted!
His hips bucked. I knew he was close because his hands on my head pressed down hard as his fingers dug into my scalp, holding my head in place. I winked at him- letting him know that I welcome his cum in my mouth. That got him as he thrust deep into my throat and shot several loads of cum, deep into my throat, and into my stomach. I swallowed every drop and the taste made me have a mini orgasm of my own.
We fucked until hubby left on Monday evening instead of the usual morning. Throughout that weekend, all we did was have sex, eat, sleep and repeat.
Wednesday wifey returned and thanked me profusely for taking care of her husband. I did right?
It became a pattern, hubby would come as usual but now he regularly went out as we would meet in hotels and screw our brains out. Sometimes he would sneak into my flat late at night for a quickie or whenever wifey had to run errands. On a couple of occasions I went all the way to Port Harcourt for weekend nacks on the weekends hubby was not supposed to be in Lagos.
And so it continued for months. But then every day for the thief and one day for the owner of the house. Wifey had been hearing rumours of our doings. I later discovered there was a particular old bird who had been feeding wifey juicy information.
The owner of the house next door, a middle aged man, had been after me for a while. I had a tryst with him once but was disappointed so cut him off. He wanted more but I wasn’t ready to give him. Its just like the saying ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ I guess it goes for men too.
Long story short, this man had wind of our illicit affair, investigated and had hard evidence which he showed wifey. Wifey played very smart and one weekend that her husband was supposed to come visit, she pretended she had to go to the village and begged me again to take care of her husband.
Your guess is as good as mine at how quickly I said yes ‘cuase this would mean unfettered freedom with her husband.
Wifey left Friday afternoon and hubby arrived in the evening and you don’t need to guess that hubby slept in my flat. Saturday morning, hubby work with a hard on (as any virile man beside a horny bitch would) and was all over me which I welcomed.
I made breakfast later in the nude and while eating hubby was playing footsie with my pussy and his other hands fondling my boobs. I couldn’t stand the excitement anymore and decided to do something about it. Soon we were frolicking on the floor.
I pushed him down and straddled him. I wanted to ride him for all I was worth. To feel his hard cock shift my womb. I needed it hard.
I slowly lowered my already dripping pussy onto his hard cock and pushed down with my hands on the back of my head and my chest thrust forward. He held on tightly to my boobs as he pushed up to meet my thrust. I screamed in pleasure as I took him fully to the hilt inside me. My pussy was stretched to the limit and I loved it. I started moving up and down and he moved with me. Soon the tempo increased and our fuck noises filled the room.
I was close to exploding in a very powerful orgasm when I felt an excruciating pain on the back of my head and then on my back as blows, hard terrible blows rained down on me.
I stumbled sideways as hubby’s cock deflated like a burst balloon and he pushed me off him hurriedly.
I rolled into a tight ball and held on to my settee leg as I became conscious of wifey’s voice raining abuses and blows on my nude body.
‘Ashawo’ ‘thief” “husband snatcher’ she screamed as she beat me black and blue.
She tried to drag me out of the flat but I vehemently refused. She had come with one of her friends and man! They beat the hell of me.
Hubby had disappeared into thin air and was nowhere to be found.
Wifey had to let go of me after the thrashing and I ran into my bedroom and locked the door behind me.
The shame of being caught made me leave the area late that very night to lodge in an hotel very far from my area. My cousin had to go help me pack my things from there after about three months.
Now here I am again, threading that same path.