‘What’s the matter dear? ‘Is she okay?’ A female voice asked just behind my new neighbour standing on my threshold.

I just stared at him with my hands still clutching the dildo that had just invaded my pussy, my legs spread wide and my chest still heaving in a bid to settle its raciness. I was too embarrassed and caught in the act to do anything otherwise. I wished the ground would open and swallow me up as I prayed fervently to all the universe for the lady not to be too curious to push through her husband and look inside.

He stared back at me with a smirk on his lips and my treacherous body smiled back by convulsing one more time in pleasure. My dirty mind imagined that mouth of his devouring my pussy.

He closed the door behind him as he gently steered his wife away from my door. I didn’t hear what he said as their voice had grown faint the further they went.

I hurriedly scrambled up from my prone position, stumbling in the process as I bumped into the center table. I rushed to the door and quickly closed and bolted it. As if the deed had not already been done, my subconscious berated me.

‘You should have locked the door’ ‘you should stop drooling over married men’ ‘you should stop playing with these dildos’. All these thoughts raced through my mind in the space of seconds as I tried to right the side stools I had dislodged when my orgasm overtook me.

I entered my bedroom and ran myself a hot bath to cool down from my unsated lust and thoughts of my life assailed me. I remembered my last apartment and how I had to unceremoniously move out because my neighbour caught her husband and I banging away as if our existence depended on it.

I’ve always had a morbid fascination for married men. I love the freedom of being with such men, no commitment, no expectations, no feelings.

My old neighbour in my former neighbourhood was living alone with her two kids as her husband was in another part of the country. Port Harcourt to be exact. He only came home every fortnight and most times would arrive Friday night and leave Monday morning. He was almost always indoors and hardly went out.

I was a bit close to the woman as we were the only tenants in the building with her kids playing in my flat whenever she had an errand to run and I happen to be at home. We had been living peacefully together for over two years with me having only occasional glimpses of the husband in all this time until this fateful weekend. My neighbour had to travel to see her sick mum in the village on the Wednesday preceding the weekend her hubby was supposed to come for his fortnightly visits. Hubby couldn’t change plans so he decided to come despite wifey not being around.

The understanding was that I would help hubby with whatever he needed. I tried to dissuade my neighbour from this course of action with several lame excuses which she over ruled. I knew I was a wolf and that her husband was not safe with me. That was my reason for avoiding him all along.

Friday night hubby arrived and like a good neighbour, I welcomed him and prepared a meal for him and uneventfully, we went to our separate beds, with me thanking the heavens for making me scale through day one.

Saturday morning the slut in me woke up with a vengeance and I went to great him in my transparent nightgown with nothing underneath. My nipples were hard and my pussy in heat.

‘Good morning sir’ I greeted him with a cheeky inviting smile as he opened the door to my persistent knock ‘hope you slept well’

‘Good morning. Yes I did. Hope you did too’ he replied, leaning on his door and watching me. He had on only a boxer which I am sure he must have hurriedly put on.

‘What would you like for breakfast sir? I asked, jutting my hard erect nipples straight in his face. I wasn’t in the mood to be subtle, I was coming on real strong.

‘Errrm, aaaanything’ he starmmered, staring hard at my inviting nipples. 

My eyes strayed downwards and his cock was straining against the fabric of the boxers, jutting out in all its glory, big, strong and I guess reliable.

‘Okay sir, hope you don’t mind toast and eggs? I asked innocently

‘No noo nooo problem’ he answered, still flustered

‘I’ll be back shortly’ I replied as I flounced away, exposing my ample backside to him in a lewd wiggle as I went back to my flat to make him breakfast. While breakfast was cooking, I put my plans in motion by taking a shower and putting on another flimsy night gown.

With everything set I took the tray of toast, egg and tea to him and his mouth opened wide as I pushed the door open and sauntered to the dining to drop the food. Guy thought I would have changed into something more decent! Nah, I had other plans.

I sat on one of the couch that would give him unhindered sight of me and spread my knees, playing with my nipples as he ate his meal hurriedly all the while staring at my antics. I wanted him badly, so I let go and just dipped my fingers in my pussy and put it in my mouth.

Next thing I knew I was on my back on the floor with my neighbour’s hubby kneeling between my legs and eating my pussy. I screamed and thrashed as he ate me up expertly, flicking his tongue in every crevice and lapping up the juices I was copiously producing. I held his head tight and opened my legs as wide as they would go to give him unfettered access.

In no time I exploded to one of the biggest orgasm I ever had and he lapped up all the juices! Guy didn’t waste time as he hurriedly took off his shorts to release a well hung fat cock dripping with precum. I made to take him in my hands but hubby just needed to smash that pussy immediately.

He pushed my hands away and staring with lidded eyes into my lust filled ones he thrust deep into my welcoming pussy. I screamed in pleasure as my hips raised off the floor to meet his thrust. Like a piston he was slamming in and out of me while fondling my boobs and pinching my nipples. Everything became hazy as I responded to his animal lust with mine.

My legs were wrapped round his waist as he fucked me hard and fast and then he grunted and released copious amount of cum deep inside my lust filled pussy coinciding with my own explosive orgasm which came as I screamed loudly, my pussy wall clenching hard.