My First Time

Heart racing and should i say pounding so fast , i didn’t really know what to think or expect…. All i knew was that i was ready, ready to take us to the next level.

His touch made me shiver and I heard his voice .” babe relax”, you’re so cold” yea! that’s because i was scared to my teeth, i muffled in my head.


It was one hot afternoon and I decided to dress light because I was really sweating . Gosh it sure felt like heat waves. Was really thirsty and looking for where to get cold water to help my situation…. That’s when I bumped into him.

Oh my! I’m sorry, i didn’t see you there. Yea! my apologies, i wasn’t looking too he said.

Am Kunle and you….

I was still checking him out, he had this striking look, long lashes and pink lips, I was also trying to get a glimpse of his “in-between” when I felt a tap ….

Uh hmmm….. I’m ermmmmm Lara ( stuttering) nice to meet you , i was just trying to get a drink. Do you care for something,he asked? …waa.. waat.. water!  just water ( damn this guy is fine )

And that’s how we got here after months of getting to know each other, chatting, sexting and the likes we were now ready to take our relationship to the next level.

I have never done it before. Had kissed , smooched and fondled a bit in the past but never gone farther than that.  Kind of took months of processing but this time around this was it for me, i was ready.

Its okay to be nervous babe …. I will be gentle, Kunle whispered and then suddenly,  I felt his lips on mine guiding my head with his hands and kissing me softly, I let go of myself completely.

He caressed me , touched me in places that thrilled me … felt so good.I had read some books so i don’t look like a novice, led him to the bed as we lay down undressing each other and then i stopped…


No no no no …..

No way that is getting into me i thought, am sure my facial expression already gave me away as he looked confused as to why i stopped .

Never knew it could be that big and cute too …. Jezzz how can this fit in, its definitely gonna hurt ( yea already knew it would hurt but this….is painment)

I didn’t want to back out now so I told him to please take it easy…..

It was nice and slow…. painful as expected but sweet pain as the hard erection thrust into my lower lips “that sharp pain and tears of joy trickling down my cheek ” but also so pleasurable , felt like …..oh my! indescribable !. I used to hear that first times weren’t always great but mine ….

He seemed to know what he was doing and with every reaction I made he would stop to ask if I was ok. It was the best First Time.