At home Fola was the perfect wife to a loving, providing husband. But the truth was that she was bored as hell, and her husband was boring. Sex was him mounting her, inserting his penis inside her without thinking if she was wet enough, grunting hard and cumming within few minutes while she made small noises pretending to be into the sex.
But here on her knees, naked in front of a mistress was where she really felt like herself.
Fola was skeptical at first; they had met on a BDSM site and started chatting when she spilled her fantasies of being dominated by a woman. They set up a date to meet up but she nearly cancelled; she was glad that she didn’t. Now they’ve been seeing each other regularly for the past two months.

Wetness spread between her thighs as she gazed up at her. Her mistress was wearing a black corset that did little to hide her cleavages and fishnet stockings that fitted over her perfect curves.
Smirking at her, she trailed her fingertips on the whip, flexing it softly so she could hear the soft wooshes.
Her clitoris twitched at the thought of mistress whipping her.

Bending a little, mistress took her chin into her hand and tilted her head upwards
“Look at me” she commanded
Obeying instantly, I looked at my mistress’s face, noting the sadistic smirk on it.
“Good little pet”
She moaned softly, calling her names made her wetter.
I obliged, getting on my wobbly feet
“Spread your legs”
Without warning, my mistress snaked her fingers between my legs and penetrated me.
“You’re dripping, look at that wet little cunt.”
It took me a lot of effort not to clamp my thighs on mistress’s hands. I wanted more.
“Please,” Fola begged.
“Please what?”
“Please touch me more”
“Not so fast baby girl, you have to earn it.”
I nodded my head eager for whatever was coming next.
“Lick my fingers, taste yourself.”
Fola licked her mistress’s fingers with vigor, twirling her tongue on the tip of each finger slowly and deliberately.
Chuckling, the mistress grabbed Fola’s neck with her other palm and squeezed a little bit. She leaned into Fola’s ears and whispered
“Such a naughty girl, I should bend you over my knees and give you a good spanking”
A moan escaped from her lips.
“You’d like that uh”
“Yes, mistress” Fola croaked, her voice getting thicker with desire.
Mistress stroked Fola’s face, bringing her close for a deep sensual kiss. Fola found herself fully responding, tongue darting, head spinning with so much need. Without warning, mistress pushed Fola into the wall, pinning her and roughly groping her body. Teasing and pinching her breasts. Fola’s trembling was becoming as obvious on the outside as it felt on the inside, and her moans got louder.

Mistress bent a little and placed her mouth over Fola’s brown nipples in earnest. A gasp escaped from Fola’s lips and she began to grind against mistress’s thigh— her pussy was so wet and swollen with need.

“Get on the bed” mistress commanded.
Fola’s attention snapped to the bed, the cuffs and straps already in place. She walked slowly towards the bed, her heart racing so fast as she climbed the bed, making a show of wriggling her ass. Without warning, mistress whipped her hard across her bottom. She gasped as her pussy tingled.
“Teasing me will only get you punished pumpkin.”
Fola liked the idea of punishment but knowing how brutal mistress was, the punishment would definitely include her not being able to cum and she needed to cum badly.
“I’m sorry mistress”
“Good girl”

Fola laid down, her back on the bed and her legs spread. Mistress strapped her ankles and wrists to the bed, leaving her spread out. Her pussy exposed for her mistress to see.
“You look so pretty all tied up”
“Thank you mistress”

Pressing hard into her, mistress brought her thumb up to stroke at Fola’s swollen clit. As she brushed over it repeatedly, Fola squealed, fighting against her restraint as the sensation became overwhelming. Mistress’s fingers searched deeper, circling Fola’s cervix, and when they hit that magic place she let out a low animal-like groan.
“Want me to stop?”
“No please mistress, no” she begged. She couldn’t imagine her stopping, not at the moment.

Mistress smiled, serene, as she watched Fola strain against her restraints and raised her hips to push herself harder onto mistress’s fingertips. Without warning, mistress smacked her clitoris hard, again and again, and again. The pussy slaps were so intense, Fola screamed in ecstasy.
“Who’s my little slut”
“Me, I am,” Fola replied, grinding against mistress’s fingers.
“Want to cum that badly uh?”
She nodded her head vigorously. Grinding hard.
“Say it!”
“I want to cum for you, please make me cum”
“No” mistress replied, withdrawing her fingers.
“No please, No!,” Fola begged, tears forming at the corners of her eyes. She had never been this needy in her entire life, she had never wanted to come so badly.
“Aw poor baby, come on. Cry for me.” Mistress said, teasing and chuckling hard.
She was enjoying the misery. Fola held back tears knowing they would only further inspire the mistress to be cruel.
“Come on don’t spoil the fun, I wanna see that pretty face of yours filled with tears.”

Mistress stood, she pulled a strap over her legs and secured it, dangling it and watching Fola’s expression as she took in 9 inches of its glory.
“Like my new cock?”
Fola couldn’t speak, she was scared and excited. It was long but she wanted it inside her.
“Be a good girl and I’ll fuck you like the slut that you are.”
“Yes please mistress.”

Undoing her ankle restraints, she ordered Fola to raise her legs and spread them far apart. She slowly entered her and watched as Fola’s eyes rolled back and her mouth parted.
“So pretty.”
Suddenly she starts pounding her, going slowly then increasing her pace.
Loud moans erupt from Fola’s mouth as she wrapped her legs around mistress’s waist.
“Like the way I fuck you?”
“Yes. I. Do” she replied gasping hard.
Wrapping her fingers around Fola’s neck, mistress pounded harder.
“Do I fuck your pretty little cunt way better than your husband does?”
“Yes. you. Do”
“Such a whore”
“I’m your whore” Fola replied.
She was getting close to her orgasm. Mistress slapped her across the face hard and choked her more, she pinched Fola’s nipples, leaving small bruises on them.
“I’m coming, I’m coming” Fola cried out, legs shaking hard as she squirted hard, wetting the bed and her mistress.

“I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.” She said, feeling embarrassed.
“It’s fine. You did good baby girl.” Mistress said, kissing her forehead and moving to remove the wrist restraints.
“Go take your bath.”
Fola struggled to get up, her legs were wobbly and her pussy was sore.
She was going to have a hard time explaining to her husband why she was walking funny.