Buy Binance Coin BNB with Credit Card or Bank Account How to buy BNB no verification or KYC


BNB is now ranked among the five most valuable digital assets with a market cap of over $55B. During its all-time high (ATH) date, it reached a market valuation of $103 billion. When you’ve found an exchange, you can fund your account with a debit card, credit card or electronic bank transfer. Next, select the fiat currency supported by your preferred payment method.

Some are worried things could snowball into a long squeeze, where folks continue to sell and drive the price down further. Keep in mind that rates on YouHodler might fluctuate in real time. Make sure you select the payment method that best fits your requirements and double-check the preview on YouHodler before finalizing your purchase. Contrary to many other alt L1s, BNB actually has a robust ecosystem. This includes decentralized exchanges, yield farms, NFTs, and more.

Plus, users get to custody their assets as opposed to trusting a centralized platform that is vulnerable to hacks. Enter the amount, then tap on the [Continue] button, where you will be redirected to the partner webpage to process the payment. Before we continue, it’s bitcoin and cryptocurrencies 2021 worth noting that Trust Wallet lists both versions of BNB here with different titles to differentiate them. The token named BNB is the BEP-2 version on the Binance Chain (BC) network while the other one named Smart Chain is the BEP-20 token on the BSC network.

We liked the added benefits of token discounts through its IDO launchpad. This feature provided us with unique investment opportunities, adding a layer of excitement to our experience on the platform. Bybit’s interface and overall trading environment were conducive to both our standard transactions as well as while exploring and evaluating new token offerings. Binance Coin has more utility within the Binance ecosystem than it does sitting in a wallet. If you are an active trader or investor using the Binance exchange, you want to keep your BNB on the platform. Few other coins have seen such return on investment (ROI) multiples over their lifetime.

  1. Although some exchanges allow you to use credit cards, we caution you against this funding method.
  2. Your BNB tokens will be deposited to your Binance ‘Fiat & Spot’ wallet as soon as the transaction is processed.
  3. By clicking on the ‘Credit/Debit card’ link from the previous step, you will land on the page below on which you will provide your order or transaction details.
  4. To buy BNB, open an account with a trading platform like eToro, Binance, or OKX.

Crypto ATM terminals from certain operators also provide for trading Binance coin for local fiat money. You can sell crypto by scanning the QR code of your digital wallet. BNB coins can also be employed for entertainment purposes, such as purchasing virtual gifts, card packs, or lotteries. A bank transfer is a secure option to buy cryptocurrency, especially if you are thinking of purchasing large amounts of virtual currency. Keep in mind that bank transfers may take a little longer, and fees may vary.

The token was launched in July 2017 to be used as a tool for crowdfunding in the Binance ICO. As a utility token, it would enable its holders to claim trading fee reductions on the exchange once the platform launched. Binance raised about $15 million from the ICO, and over 100 million tokens of BNB were distributed to the public. Despite its humble background, BNB has grown to become more useful within the Binance ecosystem. Follow these simple steps to buy some Binance Coin tokens on Trust Wallet using a credit or debit card.

Now that you have successfully set up your Trust Wallet, open up the application and proceed to purchase your tokens. Trust Wallet is only available currently as a mobile application on the Apple App Store and Google’s Play Store. Go ahead and download the app from your phone’s supported platform. Similar to Ethereum’s ERC-20, Binance Chain also has a token issuance and implementation standard code-named BEP-2. The exchange swapped the ERC-20 BNB tokens to the BEP-2 tokens on the same day the mainnet went live.

This significant market capitalization reflects the popularity and adoption of BNB among cryptocurrency investors and traders. BNB’s trading volume is also consistently high, indicating a strong demand and active trading activity for this digital asset. Binance Coin (BNB) is among the largest cryptocurrencies by market cap, and it’s the platform token for the popular crypto exchange – Binance. In this guide, you will learn how to use BNB, why it’s a popular asset amongst blockchain investors, and discover a step-by-step guide to buying it. There are several options for storing Binance Coin (BNB), a popular cryptocurrency.

Staking BNB

Select the fiat currency you plan to use to buy your BNB tokens. To do that, click on the USD button and select the fiat of your choice from the dropdown list. To the left of that button is a space to fill in the amount of money you wish to spend.

It is important to note that the SEC has charged Binance with offering unregistered securities. The lawsuit names BNB, BUSD, Binance’s earn product, and many other Binance products as securities. Once bought, store BNB in your personal crypto wallet or use it for trading. Always check the official YouHodler website for any announcements regarding its most recent services and updates before making any purchasing decisions. Binance launched Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in September 2020 as a solution to the limitations of Binance Chain, which it had originally deployed in April 2019. While Binance Chain prioritized ultra-fast trading, it lacked smart contract functionality due to the high computational power required for these contracts.

What Can You Use BNB For?

But what does BNB do, and how does the flagship Binance blockchain work? This guide demonstrates how to buy BNB and everything else you need to know. However, depending on how you want to use the Binance Coins, you may find that keeping them on the Binance exchange is the best option. If you have to use an external wallet, Trust Wallet is a solid alternative operated and maintained by Binance. By clicking on the ‘Credit/Debit card’ link from the previous step, you will land on the page below on which you will provide your order or transaction details.

How to Buy BNB in 5 Easy Steps

Once verified, you will need to provide your bank account details to initiate the bank transfer. This is because the eToro wallet, used for transfers, only supports a limited number of cryptos, while the eToro app supports BNB and many others. However, eToro holds most of the crypto assets on the platform in cold storage. This provides more secure storage by keeping the private keys offline. EToro supports deposits in USD, as well as debit cards and PayPal deposits. On eToro, you won’t pay a deposit fee, although you may pay a conversion fee if paying in other currencies.

Purchase and store your BNB

In September 2020, Binance launched a ‘better’ version of Binance Chain with smart contract functionality dubbed the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The BSC is a parallel blockchain with exact comparison to the popular Ethereum blockchain. It even shares a codebase and maintains compatibility for decentralized applications (dApps) running on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Due to a large number of sell orders, the market becomes saturated,  leading to a massive fall in price.

Examples are hypothetical, and we encourage you to seek personalized advice from qualified professionals regarding specific investment issues. Our estimates are based on past market performance, and past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. CoinFlip has also joined the Binance Chain ecosystem and offers Binance Coin (BNB) on its network of nearly 500 CoinFlip Bitcoin ATMs in different states in America. BNB Pioneer Burn Program also reimburses lost BNB in eligible cases and counts those coins towards the official burn count. BNB also implements a real-time burning mechanism tied to gas fees, where a fixed ratio of the collected gas fee is burned in each block, as determined by BSC validators.

There are very few, if any centralized exchanges that offer BNB at $1. The same goes for decentralized exchanges, which would likely cost you more in gas fees than the buy order itself. BNB is one of the how to buy bitcoin for the first time few EVM-compatible, layer-1, Ethereum alternatives that has actually secured a significant amount of adoption. But, as is commonly noted in finance, past performance is not indicative of future results.

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