“Oh lord,” She cried out as she arched her back more and more, her thighs falling open widely as she humped on my thigh, all pretense like she wasn’t enjoying it before by trying not to act too excited went out the window as whimpers and strangled moans escaped her lips without control.

“Please,” She pleaded, her voice soft and aching. I moved the thigh she was humping away from her reach and instead slid down her body slowly, stopping before the flat surface of her stomach, I licked my way into her belle button and dragged my tongue over her skin until I was sucking a spot on her left hip bone.

She raised her hips uncontrollably, trying to get friction on her heated pussy but I kept on sucking on the other side of her hipbone, ignoring the way she kept whimpering at ever drag of my lips over her sensitive skin.

Sliding lower, I grabbed her two thighs and drew them over my shoulder until my face was positioned directly over her pussy which was still covered by a piece of now wet boxer shorts. I trailed my fingers over her thighs and grinned when I felt her trembling, God, she was just too responsive for her own good.

Hooking my fingers into the top of her shorts, I dragged it down until she lifted up then kicked her legs off until I got it completely off from her body.

I drew her thighs over my shoulders more before dragging on her hips to pull her forward until my lips bumped into her clit.

“Oh, fuck.” She cried out, her head lifting away from the bed to glance at whatever it is I was doing to her before weakly falling back down on the bed.

Her clit was really swollen, swollen than it was yesterday at the office which means she was either too turned on or she didn’t get off yesterday, like I didn’t either.

Who the hell jerks off when his whole life is in crisis?

I shook my head as I shoved that thought away and instead tried to focus on getting her off so I could go get ready to go kick ass.

“Did you give yourself an orgasm yesterday?” I asked as I trailed my fingers over the outline of her puffy and slippery pussy lips.

She bucked into my fingers and grind into my fingers for a few seconds with “Oh” and “Please” falling out her lips before I pulled my hand away and rephrased my question again.

“No, no. I didn’t. Oh fuck I didn’t. I couldn’t.” She replied desperately, shaking her head for emphasis.

“What if I leave you hanging again? I have to go save a sixteen-year-old kid, remember?” I asked slowly, my lips lightly trailing a line on the top of her left thigh which was covered with goosebumps.

Her head lifted away from the bed immediately, tears gathering in the depth of her eyes as she shook her head vehemently, “No please, Auden please. Please.”

I licked another part of her thigh, trying not to let her see the grin on my face.

Oh Aria, I have no intention of leaving you hanging, lord knows I need to bring you to orgasm and listen to you cum loudly before I could be able to function properly tonight.