I am Nwabudo Ogonna V.R, a fresh graduate of Quantity Surveying from University of Ilorin and the creative director at Budosky signature. Aside my profession I am a professional makeup artist with five (5) years experience in areas of bridal makeup’s, birthday photoshoots, party guest (Owambe) makeup, fashion photoshoots etc.


So far, I would say my journey in the industry has not been rosy, there have been ups and down (which is normal in life right? … Yes!) coupled with the fact that I was schooling and running the business at the same, it wasn’t easy at all. Makeup industry as we all know is a place where you get to meet different clients from different tribes and locations and of course with different attitude. My handwork has taught me tolerance, patience and how to work under pressure. Have me with different clients who have turned friends at the same and refer me to people as well.


Makeup jobs comes with a whole lot of challenges, highlight a few;

•Some clients wanting to get premium jobs with very low budgets

•clients not keeping up with time as agreed

•clients treating the makeup artist like they are not human like being rude and inconsiderate with the makeup artist

•Clients lying to makeup (like paying for owambe glam meanwhile on getting there it is their wedding. Haaa!!!)


Be sincere and honest in whatever you are doing especially now that everything has gone digital.. Mention a few; 

• Don’t post a job that’s not yours on your page claiming that is yours

• Don’t collect money from a client knowing fully well you won’t do the job and claim that you run a “No Refund Policy”

• Be friendly to your clients and lots more


•Cleaning your makeup brushes after every use

•make sure your hands are neat enough before applying products

We run makeup trainings as well.