The rain poured ceaselessly, even though Esther put the air conditioner on its coldest setting. We had gone out for lunch together when the rain started and she made the suggestion to wait it out in the office. I raised my eyes from the movies I was watching and lock eyes with Esther. She had a hungry look in her eyes as she ran her hands through her hair. She knew she had my attention as she leaned back on the swivel chair and opened her legs to reveal a soaked pair of lace panties. As I stood from to couch where I sat, she placed a polished nail between her teeth and giggled. Her hunger matched mine as we devoured each others’ lips. My cock was hard as an antenna as I lifted her off the ground and onto the table. She lifted her skirt to her waist and got her panties out of the way. My fingers shook as I undid her shirt buttons and freed her breast. I wasn’t gentle about it, I nibbled and sucked away like my life depended on it as she gasped and moaned in pleasure. Her arms around my neck pulled and prodded me on as slurped away at her mounds. Her hands left my neck and began tugging at my belt. I stepped back, aided her struggle and watched her pull my trousers and underpants to the ground in one motion. She sat back on the table and spread out her legs, inviting me to ravage her. She was dripping wet, so I had all the lube I needed as I slid in deep and paused for an instant to watch her cringe and grasp as the walls of her pussy stretched to take my full size and length.

“Harder” She gritted through her teeth as I moved with deep and slow strokes.

She wanted more, so I increased the pace of my thrusts. She leaned back and used her flaying hands to knock most of the picture frames and award plaques of the table. she grabbed hold of my waist and dug her nails into my back and like a whipped horse, I rode and thrust harder till my balls made a “slap-slap” sound on her pussy. She was a creamy mess as her moans turned to screams and I felt a huge nut waiting to burst out of my loins. She swayed her hips frantically as the waves of an orgasm swept through her body. She had a long and hard contraction as I came inside her. I held on the side of the table to stable myself as I shot load after load of cum into her. 

“How did we get here?” She asked with a smile, still shaky from the encounter. I fell to the couch in the office and smiled back. I closed my eyes and let her question echo in my head. How did we get here?

           It was a hot Thursday afternoon; I had endured two hours of sitting in class and doing nothing. Syntax was one class I just had to endure, the lecturer wasn’t friendly and he was very particular about attendance. Exams were fast approaching and I didn’t want to take chances. I was the first out as soon as class was over and headed for the taxi rank to take a cab home. Sitting in the back of the cab I scrolled through my phone contacts, the next day was Friday and I need to get laid badly. It had been a long while since I got any action. I was still contemplating who to call when a message popped up on the screen “See me in the office ASAP”. It was the Dean of Student Affairs. Before becoming the Dean he was the former HOD of my department and still held sway on many of the lecturers. 

“Bros abeg no vex, drop me for Student Affairs.” The dean rarely sent for me so this had to be important.

           I was a regular face at the Dean’s office, I traded pleasantries with both secretaries who seemed busy with work, and went straight for the office. I knocked gently on the large door and opened it slowly. The atmosphere changed as I stepped into the fully air-conditioned office.

“Willie boy, how are you?” He greeted in his deep baritone voice. He was smiling from ear to ear which was odd. This old man needed a favour. 

“Good afternoon sir, I’m very fine, thank you for asking” I greeted back.

“I am in a bit of a fix and I may need your help, it’s nothing too big just a few errands within the campus.” I knew the friendly act was a charade from the start but I still had to feign ignorance.

“Oh! Very happy to help with whatever Sir.” I blurted through clenched teeth and a fake smile.

“Splendid! My driver has bad flu and there is a ton of mail to be delivered today around the faculty offices and halls of residence. I am going for a function with the registrar so you can use my car to lighten the burden.” His demeanour had switched back to its bossy default setting. He threw his car keys at me and pointed at the pile of folders and envelopes heaped on his table.

“Drive safely.” He piped as I scooped the pile in my hands and headed out of his office. I dumped the pile and my bag in the passenger seat and slid into the front of the Toyota Avensis Sedan. I started the engine and let it run for a while as I connected my phone to the Bluetooth system. I selected my favourite album, Sex over Love by Blaqbonez, turned on the air conditioning and whipped the car into gear. 

I had pulled out of the office complex and was accelerating when I noticed someone frantically flagging the car down. The car windows were tinted so whoever was flagging the car must have assumed that it was the dean at the wheel.