Aria was exiting the bathroom when I kicked the door closed, she walked towards the bed and sank into it while running her fingers through her hair. Our gaze met and she smiled a little as if unsure if she should smile at me or ignore my existence. I walked towards her and leaned over her until she was lying flat beneath me, her eyes blown wide as it roved over my face.

I knelt over her with my arms braced beside her head and my thighs barely touching hers. I bent and kissed her lips slowly, her hands wrapped around my neck immediately while her thighs hooked themselves against my waist, pulling me down on her until we were kissing hungrily. Pushing my knee between her heated thighs and slowly grinding the hard part of my thigh over her core which was still covered by a boxer short, I slanted my lips over hers and a loud moan slipped out of her quivering lips.

“God, you’re so hot,” I whispered into her ear just as I licked the shell of her ear, she arched her chest into mine, moans after moans falling out her lips as my thighs brushed against her clit….sliding down her chest until my mouth was on the same level with her titties. I hooked my hands beneath her arched back and lifted her more until her hard nipples which were still covered by the shirt she had on were directly positioned before my lips.

Without wasting much time, I closed my lips over her right nipple and sucked the hard nut in, as if my suckling on her tit was controlling every part of her body, her back arched off the bed more which forced me to take more of her tit into my mouth and worship with my tongue earnestly.

“Oh God,” She cried out as her fingers dug into my hair and pulled on my strands while pushing her tit into my mouth, her thighs parted once again and I felt her grind her pussy over and over on my thigh until her head fell back on the bed weakly.

Her sensitivity was what made me more attracted to her, and her nipples… holy fuck her nipples were extremely sensitive, I bet she’d be able to cum from enough stimulation on that part of her body. Lifting my mouth away from her nipple, I stared at the wet patch I’ve made on the blue shirt, her nipple standing in the middle, hard. Sliding my hands beneath her shirt, I lifted the shirt over her head and almost grinned when she lifted her back up for me to pull the top all the way off.

I changed my mind at the last minute and abandoned the bunched up shirt on her biceps which kept her hands above her head until whenever i decide to pull the shirt off. 


Her eyes were blown wide with lust and I watched her teeth tug on her lower lips while she uncontrollably kept meshing her pussy against my thigh.

“God, you’re so sexy.” I whispered over her left tit before sucking the bare nipple into my mouth and gave it a few tugs before flicking on the nut until the tip of my tongue kept dancing lightly over the tight center of her nipple.